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<nIghTmArE> any one can tell me ... from where i can download Free Order form?
<alias1> google
<nIghTmArE> i no the google url Sir ... but tell me that site url ... from where i can donwload that
<asgeo1> lol
<asgeo1> maybe he meant look *using* google
<nIghTmArE> sir i did that ... but not succeeded ...
<nIghTmArE> :S
<nIghTmArE> Oh then help me ... mailin Script n ORder Form ...
<asgeo1> Is it a particular script you're trying to locate?
<nIghTmArE> yea sir ... i need these 2 scripts .. aam learnin web desigin ... so i need these 2 scripts
<asgeo1> what do they do?
<nIghTmArE> :O ?
<asgeo1> well... I can't very well help you locate a script if I don't know what it does
<flaccid> server side script?
<flaccid> what language?
<nIghTmArE> yea
<nIghTmArE> in English
<asgeo1> lol
<flaccid> roflmao
<alias1> haha
<asgeo1> I love programming in English
<nIghTmArE> :O
<asgeo1> Computer! I want to loop through array x
<Spoon> can anyone code in izbekistani?
<alias1> i code in japanese
<ginji> i code in gibberish
<ginji> and drunkish
<ginji> and then together ;)