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<MZCALAIS> sjkfhjksdfh
<byte> kmbgkgkf
<MZCALAIS> sjgsdjk
<byte> sjgsdjk
<MZCALAIS> who da der
<byte> im me kunt
<byte> ;(
<MZCALAIS> y dat
<byte> huhhuh
<byte> coz
<byte> y
<Xibit0r> `ban MZCALAIS be gone
* ChanOP sets mode: +b *!*MZSKAIFE@*.iprimus.net.au
* MZCALAIS was kicked by ChanOP ((Xibit0r) be gone!)
privmsg: <MZCALAIS> why the fuck i get banned
privmsg: <MZCALAIS> fuck that xibitor
<byte> <MZCALAIS> wghy the fuck i get banned
<byte> <MZCALAIS> fuck that xibitor
<Xibit0r> [13:08] -> *MZCALAIS* you love the cock.