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<emily> I am so going to throw this computer out the window.
* Quits: emily (emily@vw-17395.uu.net) (Exit: brb.)
<girlsgerms> how can you brb if it's going out the window? :\
<sperex> not sure
<sperex> maybe on the ground floor?
<girlsgerms> mmm, must just be one of those things...
<sperex> oh, one of those things?
<girlsgerms> yeah, those ones
<Mangusta> ah, one of _those_ things....
<strafe> i used to have one of those things a few years back
<strafe> it was great, never failed to amaze me
* Joins: emily (emily@vw-28521.uu.net)
<emily> fuck
<emily> this
<emily> computer
<sperex> i thought you threw it out the window
<emily> i should've :(
<emily> I only yelled at it and told it that it was grounded for two weeks.
<sperex> but you're using it now?
<sperex> LIES!
<sperex> :P
<emily> Grounding it means no cybersex or porn sites.