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<sixtysixfps> http://www.hotmail.msn.com/toobusy.html
<sixtysixfps> how the fuck often is hotmail too busy for you to check your fucking email

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<Tatman> should post his pic on some newsgroup saying he was a pedifile or sex offender
<_tek> more believable that he was a pedophile victim
<adante> i dunno fellas, i mean its all fun but is it legal
<Tatman> anonymous posting
<sexybitch> lol
<sexybitch> ;)
<adante> by legal i mean the illegal that authorities give a stuff about
<sexybitch> gotta love how you talk about whats legal & illegal, yet your downloading and sharing warez on qld-pipe

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<Bazza> fucken olympics
<Bazza> do these people think its ok to fix up camel toes in front of the camera just because they're athletes?

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<Lukian> how portable is Ad Muncher v5 atm?
<Coke__> I'm running part of it (the config file saving) on my pvr (topfield 5000), lol, very portable
<Lukian> erm, is that a satellite terrestrial receiver?
<Lukian> lol
<Coke__> digital tv ya, using the AM code as part of a custom system I slapped together to automatically record shows based on keyword (rather than time) - so most of AM should port with no work at all, only interfaces will need customizing
<Lukian> rofl, nice :)
<Coke__> nice to program for fun once in a while, AM is great and all but five years of anything will tire you out

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<nosoup4u> my office moved n they didnt tell me

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<TrafficCone> OMFG... I just found this:
<TrafficCone> Anti-Personnel Farts -
<TrafficCone> Aren't they lovely?! No explanation required and just uttering the phrase gets belly laughs from anyone who hears it. They aren't the normal type-ones where you know it's a turd signalling for clearance. These are ones that only come after a night of cheese and onions and eggs-they truly smell like a demon from hell has possessed your ass.
<TrafficCone> AP-Farts can be used to win a farting contest with your overweight, nasty roommate who thinks he's got the worst (I won-one round only with a little squeaker that was like the Bophal of farts.)
<TrafficCone> AP-Farts can always be felt before they are smelled just by the way it feels like your butt-crack hairs have been singed away by its passing.
<TrafficCone> AP-Farts always smell like they should be used by the army as some sort of anti-personnel device that comes in a canister marked FART/ANTI-PERSONNEL/1/A/F.
<TrafficCone> Behold my friends-the power of the anti-personnel fart!

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<mad_kook> so misss me and smile for meeeee
<mad_kook> tell me you will wiat for meeee
* Joins: mrshiy_po (mrshiy_po@
<mad_kook> hold me like you will neverrrr let me goooo
<Angela> oh dear pauly

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<SLY_SX> popstick when can i book in a time to come and fuck ya sister?
<Popstick> SLY_SX not funny
<Moksta> yes he is cunt
<SLY_SX> i think it is
<SLY_SX> oh wait
<SLY_SX> u got 2 sisters dont u
<SLY_SX> can i fuck em both at same time??
<SLY_SX> how much that gonna set me back
<Popstick> your life
<SLY_SX> hahhaa
<SLY_SX> done
<liana-> lol
<SLY_SX> they better be worth it

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* Joins: Lis (Lis@vw24234.optusnet.com.au)
<Lis> hi
<CG> Lis: heya, a/s/l ?
<Lis> i hava a bf
<Lukian> lol
<Lis> unless u have a higher yearly income :P
* Lukian chuckles
<CG> lukian: shutup dude, i'm about to score
<Lis> hehe zif
<CG> but that wasn't the question lis
<CG> it was a/s/l, not "do you have a b/f"
<asgeo1> but that's what you were getting at... :P
<CG> no
<CG> i'm just after some piccies
<Lis> so look up porn in google :P
<CG> oh.. you're one of /those/ girls
<Lis> what girls???
<CG> the type that IRC's in male-dominated channels for the attention of being the only girl in there
<Lis> excuse me
<byte> CG you champ
* byte whipes a tear

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<reflector> wats xxl?
<scurge666> extra extra large
<looktall> means it's only half pornographic