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<iSaidThat> My karma ran over my dogma.

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* Lukian plays with his sausage
<Trust-No1> ;>
<Trust-No1> LOL
<Trust-No1> ROFL
<Trust-No1> EWWW
<Trust-No1> :D@#E@#!
<Lukian> what?
<Lukian> i'm eating dinner
<Trust-No1> aha
<Trust-No1> ;p
* Lukian slides the skin delicately off the sausage
* Lukian licks and ravages at it with his tongue
<Trust-No1> o0o0oer
<Trust-No1> i smell fishy smell
<Trust-No1> Lukian put it back in
* Lukian bites it softly
* Lukian devours it
* Lukian rolls it back up
* Lukian cuts off another piece
* Lukian continues playing with it feeling it's warmth
<Lukian> mmm warm and juicy
<Trust-No1> lol
* Lukian offers some to Trust-No1
<Lukian> hurry, it's almost gone!
* Lukian swallows
<Lukian> mmmm
* Lukian smiles contentedly
<Trust-No1> dear me
<Trust-No1> ;p
* Lukian wonders if he should have cream buns for supper

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* emily2 (wh0r3@ Quit (Killed (Zardoz (The most secure computer is one which is not connected to the Internet. That is why I recommend Telstra ADSL.)))

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Rosemary: did you get off the computer at all today?
Ben: yeah, i went to 2hr computer tutorial at university today :)

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*** Kid-A quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
*** Kid-A (~Dave@masked.nth.dial.ntli.net) joined
<kharin> in, out, in..
<Kid-A> damn phone line, coming out like that
<Kid-A> it doesnt get it, male - female, jeez
<kharin> omnisexual phone lines are such a problem

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<TenebraeUnus> i bet smartftp has fucked the upload again
<Lukian> don't blame smartftp, it's smarter than you are

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<nIghTmArE> any one can tell me ... from where i can download Free Order form?
<alias1> google
<nIghTmArE> i no the google url Sir ... but tell me that site url ... from where i can donwload that
<asgeo1> lol
<asgeo1> maybe he meant look *using* google
<nIghTmArE> sir i did that ... but not succeeded ...
<nIghTmArE> :S
<nIghTmArE> Oh then help me ... mailin Script n ORder Form ...
<asgeo1> Is it a particular script you're trying to locate?
<nIghTmArE> yea sir ... i need these 2 scripts .. aam learnin web desigin ... so i need these 2 scripts
<asgeo1> what do they do?
<nIghTmArE> :O ?
<asgeo1> well... I can't very well help you locate a script if I don't know what it does
<flaccid> server side script?
<flaccid> what language?
<nIghTmArE> yea
<nIghTmArE> in English
<asgeo1> lol
<flaccid> roflmao
<alias1> haha
<asgeo1> I love programming in English
<nIghTmArE> :O
<asgeo1> Computer! I want to loop through array x
<Spoon> can anyone code in izbekistani?
<alias1> i code in japanese
<ginji> i code in gibberish
<ginji> and drunkish
<ginji> and then together ;)

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--> i686 (i686@vw.com.au) has joined #linux-help
<jedi> any relations to i386, i686?
<K_aneda> nah
<K_aneda> i686 is married to ppc
<K_aneda> who's the cousin of sparc
<K_aneda> sparc and i386 get along real well though
<K_aneda> quite bizarre
<K_aneda> I think they're into kinky sex or something.
<jedi> that would explain the alpha
<K_aneda> and why i386 plays the bitch

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<n3ur0tich> he called me at 2 in the morning. i thought he was calling to see if i was okay. how strangly considerate, i thought. how nice.
<n3ur0tich> he called to ask if i stole his cheese. five pounds of cheese. yes, i sighed, i stole five pounds of cheese from your apartment. right. because i really needed five fucking pounds of cheese. oh, and i'm fine, thanks.
<n3ur0tich> he called again at 3.
<n3ur0tich> "are you sure you didn't take the cheese?"

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<cue> who do you think is the best person to purchase a colo or dedicated through
<BPrintz> SM @ www.servermatrix.com
<thc\ip> well your city matters not.
<thc\ip> www.ev1servers.net is my reccomendation if your www only
<BPrintz> ev1 is worse than beastiality
<BPrintz> I wouldn't be caught dead touching one :P