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<Popstick> can i jizz on your titties
<[D1_RX7]> it took me four hours to clean ure last load off
<Popstick> i'll take that as a yes

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<Loserbait> Disregard the following...
* Loserbait is now known as HoRnAy14F

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<sixtysixfps> fuck i cant get css working
<[Hobbes]> cascading style sheets?
<sixtysixfps> counterstrike source

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<byte> whats CZ
<[Hobbes]> counter ztrike

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<xinel> anyone here use pacific?
<xinel> as isp?
<byte> no i use it as a towel.
<byte> what else would you use it for dumbass.

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<KrAyZiE_tRiShO> im going out soon
<Mr_Know_It_All> were u goin
<KrAyZiE_tRiShO> and my parents are here, so i have to be all 13 yr old like
<KrAyZiE_tRiShO> and sneak out
<No_Shit_Girl> Resistance is futile, you will be 0wn3d

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<Jamestein> midgets are wicked
<Jamestein> biker midgets on midget harleys go off
* Jamestein whipes tear in memory of seeing the midget on a harley
<Vineto> hahaha
<radium> we saw a midget with 2 hookers once
<radium> when we were on acid
<radium> that was funny
<krono_psyb> hahahaa
<byte> hahaha
<Vineto> LOL
<Jamestein> Ahahhahah

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* griDbug looks at byte
* griDbug looks at stfuplz.net
* griDbug looks back at byte
<griDbug> you have weird quotes.
<griDbug> :D
<Lukian> yeah, stfuplz is owning :)
* griDbug steals Lukian's icecream
<Lukian> it's strawberry :p
<griDbug> gah you whore :-/
* Lukian laughs evilly
<Lukian> actually, it's neopolitan, so everything's in the bowl
* griDbug steals the chocolate since Lukian doesn't like it that much

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<byte> hehe
<not`heks> i demandmore quote
<not`heks> s
<byte> ?
<not`heks> HAHAHA
<byte> you've read em all?
<not`heks> i found the ad quote thing
<byte> :D
<not`heks> yeh
<not`heks> prepare for my wrath.
<not`heks> i shal begin
<not`heks> now.
<byte> haha sweet.

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<TrafficCone> So I'm talking to my friend the day after I nailed his older sister in the bathroom ofthe local movie theater
<TrafficCone> and he starts going off about some time i made a total ass of my self in front of some girl i liked in high school when i was drunk
<FKNPWNED> Go on...
<TrafficCone> and there's a freaking platoon of people i don't want to hear this shit around, so i pipe up and say,
<TrafficCone> "Hey dude, your sister likes it when I slap her in the face with my Dick"
<TrafficCone> The next thing I know, I'm in the emergency room. The bastard knocked me out with a chair leg.