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<topdawg> do you know java?
<byte> i know java
<byte> he's a good bloke

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* byte eats his boogers
<jordzillaa> o0o0o
<jordzillaa> ;p;
<byte> ;)
<byte> yummy
<Gangrene> ....
<byte> hi
<byte> we still got some survivors
<Gangrene> im goin now tho
<byte> oh
<byte> fkn fgt
<Gangrene> haha
<Gangrene> fk u2
<byte> kthxbi
<Gangrene> ha
* Quits: Gangrene (Gangrene@vw29153.tmns.net.au!)

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<DEADelvis> I'd shout anyone a sesh tomorrow if they came around tonight and shouted me.
<DEADelvis> That includes you too Jade.
<DEADelvis> I'd even invite you. A lazy channel operator.
<DEADelvis> To my house.
<DEADelvis> Yes.
<DEADelvis> To smoke weed with me.

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<sMoKeDoG> i got 2000 bucks
<sMoKeDoG> imma go pay for a hooker
<Ranter> mmhmm
<ScarifieR-BBL> id fuck ya for 2k
<ScarifieR-BBL> buy myself a nice hks 2530
<ScarifieR-BBL> haha
<sMoKeDoG> i wouldnt fuck her even if she was the last bitch on earth
<byte> is she u.g.l.y?
<sMoKeDoG> nah
<sMoKeDoG> shes jus a lil hoe
<byte> haha ok
<sMoKeDoG> ask jaysonn lol hes fucked her
<sMoKeDoG> cunt wider than a 17" monitor
<jaysonn> rofl shes hot but shes a slut
<Ranter> lol
<sMoKeDoG> cunt wider than a 17" monitor <--- or jayson jus has the worlds tiniest doodles
* byte hits the floor
<jaysonn> her friends are bigger sluts than her andy :X
<jaysonn> get with them hahaha
<sMoKeDoG> nope
<byte> hahahah
<sMoKeDoG> sick of sluts

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<MiSS^NeGaTiVe> <MuffinMan> wanna be licked out all nite and day babe???<---get this
fuckhead out of here
<EuRo-gUrL-JeSs> [00:37] <MuffinMan> wanna be licked out all nite and day babe???
<EuRo-gUrL-JeSs> [00:37] <EuRo-gUrL-JeSs> PLEASe!
<Stonie> i lay $50 is you gave him your address and said "come on over big boy" hed log off and cry himself to sleep
* MrPeebles sets mode: +l 169
* ChanOP sets mode: -b *!*@*.de
<Stonie> wouldnt know what to do with it

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<dvdheks> me an mic
<DEADelvis> huhu
<dvdheks> go back
<dvdheks> wayback
<DEADelvis> Yer.
<DEADelvis> Way back.
<byte> and im new
<dvdheks> when i was a kid
<dvdheks> shaha
<DEADelvis> ROFL
<byte> ive known heks little
<dvdheks> i hung up with mic
<dvdheks> out
<byte> lol true?
<DEADelvis> Yer.
<byte> look how far it got both of you.
<DEADelvis> ROFL.
<dvdheks> true as
* byte laughs
* DEADelvis bangs desk.
<dvdheks> yeh
<dvdheks> gagaga
<dvdheks> like
<dvdheks> im a stoner

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<Konflict> nah theres a nuerologists at my gym
<Konflict> his got a small cock
<Konflict> not that i looked or any thing
<Thoughtful> how do you know if hes got a small cock
<cutya^nutsack> Konflict: sure.............suuuure
<Konflict> open showers suck
<Konflict> what can i say.
<Thoughtful> it might swell to impressive proportions when hard

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<[Hobbes]> mornin babe
<[Hobbes]> see that + next to my nick?
<[Hobbes]> it means i have a big dick
<[Hobbes]> and people with @'s have small dicks
<[Hobbes]> its so true
<Leeja> wait, are you talkin to me?
<[Hobbes]> yuh huh
<[Hobbes]> im assuming you're female....due to your nick
<Leeja> ok well i dont see a + ..im on xchat so it's a yellow dot :p
<[Hobbes]> well fine
<[Hobbes]> yellow dot = big dick
<Leeja> yeah im a girl hai2u

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<harvs> haah get fukt stunna
<vl_stunna> i will
<harvs> go coat some more make up on that face
<vl_stunna> wtf kind of insult was that
<vl_stunna> haha

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<chupa> wtf
<chupa> why is there music playing over it?
<chupa> oh wait that was my itunes