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<WaTTo> wanna know what scary the kids of today when they grow up r gonna look at doom 3 the way we look at doom 1 right now

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<Hewball> bunjee mouse minus the cord
<Hewball> not good

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<_-Rhianne-_> IM AN AUNTYYYYYYY#$@!#@^%$#
<Tooheys> i'm an uncle, and a dad, and a brother, and a son
<Tooheys> beat that!
<Push_Up> i am a primary school teacher and i will BEAT you for your overusage of the "and" word
<bbacon> push_up shut up and do a sit up
<Tooheys> Push_Up and i'm an op, i'll ban your ass for getting smart :)

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<dfd> remember stace the mind makes up the fighter ... and remember wax on wax off
<stace`> ROFL
<stace`> wax on wax off
<Tooheys> rofl
<Tooheys> me also rofl

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<St00g3> thats it, next time im in perth during the week im going skating drunk (or as close to as i rekon i can get away with)
<St00g3> btw: i have never been ice skating before, will be interesting
<nagash> hehe
<byte> rofl

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<stevn> i went to the vodka bar last night
<stevn> they have an assload of vodka there
<stevn> quite impressive!
<Matt> rather surprising!
<stevn> well they had dozens and dozens and dozens of different varieties from a bunch of different countries
<stevn> so... i drank beer
<Matt> as you would

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<randomdrunk> neone know a new song out that sounds like a cross between robbie williams and bon jovi?
* WoOk13 flinches
<WoOk13> no

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<WaTTo> we want the doom 3 linux binaries
<WaTTo> hack into the quakecon server and steal em
<rodregis> shush
<rodregis> 'they' will hear you

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<Hewball> grrr females
<Hewball> why they so hard
<byte> to please?
<byte> to get?
<byte> what
<Hewball> all of the above

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<FBI> we have Allah in a secure facility