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<spicrx7> what do you guys use for burnin cd's?
<spazzer> fire

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* byte rocks to guns n roses
<byte> rock with mee dawgy
<topdawg> fishy, other than that there are plenty of online examples
<topdawg> but i'm going out byte!
<byte> rock a little with me.
* byte rocks
<byte> you can't beat that guitar riff from the beginning of the song
<byte> Guns N Roses - Sweet Child O Mine
<byte> buwwowooowwwwwwhuhuhuhwwowooowwbwoowow

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* Series1Rx7 gets his lollerskates on, and chases the the ROFLcopter

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* Joins: Commander_ (criminal@vw23971.bigpond.net.au)
* Commander_ is now known as Commander
<Commander> `op
* ChanOP sets mode: +o Commander
* byte salutes Commander_
<byte> all personnel present and accounted for, SIR.

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<robzilla> morning
<opAsx-work> morning robzilla
<wolfman> morning peoples
<cypher> haha
<cypher> "Not in public!" yelped the bisexual bosses' daughter as the insatiable donkey devoured her firm elbows and crammed his steaming majesty into her tight cunt.
<opAsx-work> wtf?
<opAsx-work> that somewhat destroys the whole breakfast idea i had
<cypher> haha

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<byte> i gotta shit -> wank -> shower before the plasterer gets here
<byte> and i cant be fucked doing any of the above
<byte> i can barely lift this pathetic excuse for a can of red bull
<BigAl> byte; you have some serious issues
<byte> no i dont
<byte> how?
<byte> shitting is natural, so is jerking
<byte> and showering just has to be done after the aforementioned
<BigAl> i see. well, good to know hygene is on your agenda at least ;\
<figment> Whilst those things may be natural
<figment> telling everyone about them isn't.
<byte> figment meh.
<byte> sif i care
<BigAl> sick figment, sick him
<byte> sick this mofo
<BigAl> for instance, you telling us that you just took anal from a donkey would be oversharing
<BigAl> ;)
<byte> yeah well thats not gonna happen
<byte> freak
<figment> Well, it's not as if the Donkey can type.

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<MZCALAIS> sjkfhjksdfh
<byte> kmbgkgkf
<MZCALAIS> sjgsdjk
<byte> sjgsdjk
<MZCALAIS> who da der
<byte> im me kunt
<byte> ;(
<MZCALAIS> y dat
<byte> huhhuh
<byte> coz
<byte> y
<Xibit0r> `ban MZCALAIS be gone
* ChanOP sets mode: +b *!*MZSKAIFE@*.iprimus.net.au
* MZCALAIS was kicked by ChanOP ((Xibit0r) be gone!)
privmsg: <MZCALAIS> why the fuck i get banned
privmsg: <MZCALAIS> fuck that xibitor
<byte> <MZCALAIS> wghy the fuck i get banned
<byte> <MZCALAIS> fuck that xibitor
<Xibit0r> [13:08] -> *MZCALAIS* you love the cock.

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<awayonesty> I cant stand the chicks that speak like that
<awayonesty> trashy little armadale skanks
<awayonesty> "who da der"
<awayonesty> "y dat"
<awayonesty> "yeh i godda get da bus to da yoof centa"
<awayonesty> So fuckin tacky
<awayonesty> I mean, net slang.. by all means
<awayonesty> But not skank slang
<awayonesty> !@
<awayonesty> /whinge

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<bosnian> any 1 wanna talk 2 a bosnian bombshell

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<EviL`J> sorry about all teh quitting and joinging it seems there is a bunch of beavers chewingat my phone line and there excited and have overdosed on viagra and are trying to find aways to access the internet to look at anal goat pr0m