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<freeform> i wish girlfriends were try before you buy
<Struzball> lol freeform
<freeform> i spose dating is trying
<freeform> better term
<freeform> "I'm going out on a trial with Stephanie tonight..."
<Struzball> demo version or fully functional expiry version freeform??
<Struzball> i'd prefer the fully function expiry ones
<freeform> sluts = shareware
<freeform> wahahahahahahah
<freeform> slutty bitches: freeware
<Struzball> those demo versions are shit you dont know exactly what you're gonna get if you actualy do buy them
<freeform> you dont get all the features
<Struzball> the fully function ones at least you know what you're in for
<freeform> so you'd get a girlfriend, with no tits, ass etc
<Struzball> no she just wouldnt root you till you've been dating her for 30 days
<freeform> a crack, for some crack
<Struzball> <freeform> a crack, for some crack <- rohypnol?

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* BAute (figjam@pieax2-b198.dialup.optusnet.com.au) has joined #Suicide
BAute if i dont get a root today im going to kill myself
* BAute (figjam@pieax2-b198.dialup.optusnet.com.au) has left #Suicide
rofo Darwin will love you forever

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<SmallR2002> after all, english is from england not america
<rofo> Shoosh! Don't tell them that
<rofo> They'll get all sooky and remove the letter `u` from a few more words.
<rofo> Just to prove they're big and strong and independant - all grown up and looking to make their mother proud.

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<alias1> id fuck an emo or a hot goth
<rofo> They'd have to take off their silly makeup and clothes first then you'll have to ask daddy's permission to fuck his little girl's brains out.
<alias1> lol
<alias1> theres heaps of hot goth chicks
<Mooncabbage> yeah or he'll cut you up into little pieces and serve you on a plate of rice
<Mooncabbage> probably undercooked
<alias1> lol
<rofo> Either way his dauther will choke on your man meat

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* exeqtr is now known as thejewwithlotso
<rofo> don't worry, the `lots of money` is redundant.