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<ramninja> 20:53 <@JC> :P
<ramninja> ffs
<JC> ?
<ramninja> i didnt mean to paste that
<ramninja> plugged anoter mouse in and bumped it as i sat down
<rofo> `oops, burnt one` ~ God, in the process of making niggers
<jasejacejase> lol
<ramninja> raciest
<rofo> The lesson here is that accidents can lead to horrible, horrible consequences

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<jome> I've been screwed once in 7 years.
<nforbey> I'm sorry :(
<jome> Errh.
<jome> Shut up.
<jome> I didnt mean SCREWED like that.
<jome> Dmanit.
<Novicane> hahaha
<Shadda> haha
<Shadda> nforbes++
<jome> I freakin handed him it on a plate :(
<jome> Oh well.
<jome> I've been cheated
<jome> Been mistreated
<jome> When will I be loved?
<nforbey> Once every 7 years?

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* Lukian gets out the vibrator
<rar> OMG!
* rar Quit (Exit: Austnet Chat Network)

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<eps> hey man thanks for that bondage collar you got laura, shit that bitch is wild
<force> np
<eps> :D
<force> just remember when you're kissing her, that my dick has been in there
<force> bahaha
<eps> ...you sir, are the king of come backs

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<teknicaL> You keep bringing up the fact that out US hub went down and INS-Radio lost hqx. It'll be online soon. The server is already online the processes are just not cron'd
<Jacob> cron'd?
<Matthew> ...
<teknicaL> UNIX includes a program named 'cron' to handle the execution of tasks on a specified schedule, regardless of whether the user is logged in or not. Cron does this through a series of simple text files known as 'crontabs' which control the scheduling of jobs.
<Jacob> oh, see i dont know Unix that well
<teknicaL> The cron daemon is used by the system for scheduled daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance, and can be used by users to run various programs at set intervals, such as to keep hqx online.
<teknicaL> Now, Jacob, do you understand? If not all I can say is stick to micro"blow my balls"soft
<Jacob> lol me ether i use, mac, freeBSD, linux
<teknicaL> well...mac is built on UNIX
<Jacob> lol so
<Matt> mac, freebsd, and linux are built on unix
<Matt> they're all in the *nix family
<Jacob> but i dont know the unix commands thow
<Lukian> -> [Jacob] VERSION
<Lukian> [Jacob VERSION reply]: mIRC v6.16 Khaled Mardam-Bey
<Lukian> yes, mirc works on all those OS's..
<teknicaL> under WINE
<Jacob> wine? you mean win ME?

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<codepoet> i wish I was a chick so I could fuck my iPod nano

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<Bismarck> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!
<Bismarck> France is going to house the new nuclear fusion reactor!
<Bismarck> If it suceeds, cheap long term energy. If it fails, BAM! France is gone!
<Bismarck> It's win win!

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anomaly aww there are birdies nesting right above my window frame
anomaly the mother is starring at me wondering if I'm gonna eat her young
anomaly how cute
anomaly I think I'll get kfc tonight and freak them out

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<rofo> and I'm pro multiculturalism because if there were no aboriginals where else could I get my weed?

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* KamiNeko looks at the little tiny spring on his desk
* KamiNeko looks at the fully reassembled laptop
* KamiNeko looks back at the tiny spring
<KamiNeko> shit