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<EECore> heh Thrashbarg 404
<Thrashbarg> try agian
<eps> 404 is just gods way of telling you that the internet hates you
<EECore> lol very good eps
<Thrashbarg> no, 404 is just the servers way to tell you someone fucked up
<GJ> cool
* eps glares at Thrashbarg and his atheist views
<Thrashbarg> i like my athiest views thankyou
<eps> god doesn't, how can he make a profit off you if you don't believe in him?
<Thrashbarg> it's not god, it's his fan club
<eps> who then pay him a small amount, in the same way that world vision every so often gives poor people some of the donated money
<Thrashbarg> wtf would god do with money
<eps> spend it, duh
<eps> no one escapes capitalism
<Thrashbarg> how's he supposed to spend it :/
<Thrashbarg> "hello i'm God. $2 worth of chips thanks."
<EECore> lmao
<eps> how else?
<eps> you think people would just _give_ god chips?
<Thrashbarg> my point is he wouldnt need them in the first place
<eps> here you are, with you athiest views again, saying god isn't good enough for chips and salt
<Thrashbarg> it could easily be the other way
<eps> oh so, we can't make chips good enough for god to spend his pocket money on?
<Thrashbarg> nope, besides how's a mythical entity supposed to eat them
<Thrashbarg> wait for a group of people to huddle around in a circle and imagine him eating them?
<eps> that would cost more than $2, so I'm guessing he would just take over a high hippys body and eat them at the local milk bar, possibly with some coke to wash it down
<ChronoWiz> last night it became obvious to me that i am god
<Thrashbarg> i'm sure it did
<ChronoWiz> so i could buy the chips..
<Thrashbarg> yes, god loves chips
<Thrashbarg> blessed are the chip makers
<eps> of course he does, only people from the moon dislike chips
<Thrashbarg> this is getting silly

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<Daveygravey> i wonder where the name david originates from
<Lukian> the internet would provide some good resources for that
<Daveygravey> i dont have the net
<Lukian> amazing

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*** ^{[Dr-Dre]}^ has quit (Exit: :#ondamic - AustNet's best Aussie Hip Hop Channel, go there to battle! - http://ondamic.siteburg.com/forums/)
<rofo> lol
<rofo> Snoop Dogg, I choose you!
<rofo> Snoop Dogg disses Dr-Dre's bitches --- it's super effective!

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<Atrius> lol - VISTA - Various Improvements Similar To Apple's

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Lukian IE7 beta 1 + Content-type: application/xhtml+xml = "To help protect your computer IE has blocked ..."
rofo ...
sperex dunno what's more disturbing
sperex you using an IE beta
sperex or...
sperex you using an IE beta

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[22:37:54] <ChaosK> god you there?
[22:38:24] <Phil> yes
[22:38:29] <Phil> he's everywhere
[22:38:43] <Phil> its not God that i have a problem with, its his little fan club that pisses me off
[22:39:54] <rofo> I think anyone who truly understood what God was would have the slight problem of their head simoultaneously exploding, then imploding, then exploding again.

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(eps) linux hates me :(
(+Pasamio) you fucked a windows user didn't you?
(+Pasamio) sleep with the enemy, and this is what you get!
(skaet) actually, it's a proven fact that sleeping with the enemy is always a better screw than sleeping with an ally.
(+Pasamio) lol
(eps) skaet heh :P
(skaet) it's true!
(+Pasamio) get an early night then
(eps) risky sex == fun++; ?
(skaet) damn straight

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<Aid> Rizz` i figured out the hand
<Aid> Rizz` i figured out the hand
<Aid> Rizz` i figured out the hand
<rofo> Yay! Next step is to conquer the woman.
<Rizz`> lol
<ultime> rofl owned

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ik- asus always make the best/fastest hardware?
eps no, just often
ik- ah ok
ik- do they make cpus?
eps I hate you,
ik- :(

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<Lukian> eps: you are not in brisbane? :P
<eps> I lied
<Pasamio> umm
<eps> I don't put my real address any where on http :P
<lazybeam> yet on nodedb you have your address with exact gps coordinates?
<Pasamio> lazybeam: and brismesh, thats what i thought
<eps> lazybeam quiet you :)