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<djnitrous> i just coffed up cum
<pacman> dj, thats mine but you can keep it

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<`LoStKid> played xbox for 9 hours today
<grease> fuck man
<grease> why
<grease> it was a plum day
<`LoStKid> i know
<`LoStKid> and how may i leave my house
<grease> legs
<`LoStKid> fuk dat

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<Carbito> I'm uploading at my full 1Mb/s and getting 46b/s (yes, thats BYTES) down ...sometimes bittorrent just does not work fair
<Carbito> ...I mean 46 bits
<n[i]tro> noice
<n[i]tro> im uploading at 8ish and as we speak gettin 30kB/s
<byte> someone say bytes
<byte> they're my FAVE!!~~
<smarm> get out
<byte> lick my hairy balls
<byte> sniff my gooch while you're there.

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<sperex> you, sir, are an imbecile
<CG> i read that as impeccible
<CG> and was going to say thanks
<sperex> i rest my case
<sperex> :p
<sperex> the world needs imbecile's, they give the rest of us something to laugh at
<sperex> you serve a very important role
<sperex> be proud!
<[Loki]> And if being laughed at fails for a carear, you can always persue an exciting life as a professional organ doner.
<sperex> hehe
<sperex> a doner kebab
<trekster> when he started laughing at his own joke, that was enough for me ;)

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<dodgy_dave> anyone sellin sticks/50's in here???
<killa_buds> i got buds
<killa_buds> killa buds
<eGads> dodgy_dave; drug dealers dont take paypal.

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<beep> hug leads to a kiss which leads to a lick which leads to a fuck so who wants a hug?
<dfd> heh .. <beep> hug leads to a kiss which leads to a lick which leads to a fuck so who wants a hug? << has that ever worked ??

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<rofo> hi2u
<rofo> well that was definately the wrong server, window and program
<Lukian> haha
<Lukian> msn?
<rofo> yeah

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<eps> I feel like going out, but every one I know is either out of town, addicted to WoW, sleeping etc

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<rofo> getting steam to run on cedega is like a magical dance where you have to suck cock and take it in the arse at the same time

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* cda (cda@ has joined #tlg
<Bismarck> cdYAY!
<cda> Bismarck!
<Bismarck> How is?
<cda> good
<cda> u?
<Bismarck> Good :D
* Bismarck is bored
* cda entertains Bismarck
<Bismarck> With or without clothes?
<cda> ...
<Aemaeth> lol
<Aemaeth> see that in the distance Bismarck? that was the line
<Aemaeth> you crossed it in leaps and bounds right there :P
<Bismarck> It was a legitimate question!
* Bismarck crosses his arms
<Bismarck> Fine, g-rated entertainment will be fine!
* cda brings out Disney's Sleeping Beauty
<Bismarck> Bah!
* cda has quit (Exit: )
<eps> haha
<eps> poor cinda :P
<eps> it must suck to be an attractive girl in a bunch of desperate guys, so many cheap calls
<Bismarck> Yeah, we've got more cheap calls than Optus!