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<Missy_Hollz> my dads got a porshe boxter
<Missy_Hollz> but hes sellign it
<Missy_Hollz> :(
<[FR3AK]> wanna get married hollz

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<DemonAce> yes its manual
<Missy_Hollz> yay
<Missy_Hollz> i looove manuals
<[FR3AK]> u just like the rod
<[FR3AK]> i mean stick
<Missy_Hollz> *blushes*
<[FR3AK]> u can drive my stick any time

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<byte> pretty wsted.
<byte> wasted.
<[FR3AK]> cool man
<[FR3AK]> go play with ninja turtles
<Popstick> LMAO

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<Katana> mmm love that word ... co - lo ....
<PunJab> when the binaries are out ;D
<PunJab> why would u run a server on linux
<PunJab> i mean honestly ;P
<byte> :/
<RaZa[doom3]> hahah
<byte> i thought you were serious
<RaZa[doom3]> i was gonna like..kick ban, and never let you back

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<FeedMe> damn that wank was good
<FeedMe> sore balls and a lot less sperm to worry about

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<Bazza`awy> think ive become ammune to these sleeping pills :/
<Bazza`awy> oh wait, now they kicking in... only took 5 and 3 fkn hours
<Bazza`awy> nite!

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<byte> `ban fuckhead!
-ChanOP- Ban fuckhead!*@* on #dont.whois.me.fucker with level 190 to remove
* ChanOP sets mode: +b fuckhead!*@*
<chupa> ?
<rofo> ?
* byte shrugs
<byte> anyone with the nickname fuckhead is bound to probably be just that - a fuckhead.
<byte> just preparing, i guess.
<chupa> you have too much time on your hands
<byte> you've only just realised this?
<byte> ;)
<rofo> lmao

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* tunafishrock is now known as somuchKFC
* somuchKFC is now known as somuchKFCfor5bux
* somuchKFCfor5bux is now known as needtoshitnow

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<byte> <JonnyBlaz> shit i was just beating off to some lesbian porn on my comp, i thought my mom was gone, but i had the volume a little too loud and didnt hear her come in, and the phoen rang, an di went to get it with my dick in my hadn and she saw me and was like "ahhh" and i was like OH FUCK , dude this sucks, she just like ran to her room and now i dont know what the fuck to do.
<nagash> aha
<Revolution`> hahaha
<Snizer> omg man
<Snizer> that either some major bs
<Snizer> or that guys a fuckin loser
<byte> lol
<Snizer> shame on them ppl
<Wayno> i would of tld her to start sucken
<Wayno> lmfao

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<Darth-Phenom> But the SNES was only good for its games, much like the PSX
<Pedgey> Well what else you gonna use it for? Making toast?!!?!