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<DMJC> only the most hardcore geek can leave sex with a hot woman to another man heh

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<pete1> grrr, fukn dockers !!!! play like a fukn under tens footy team.
<pete1> thats it, ive had it, im goin back to my caravan!!

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<CitizenE> amnesia is common among old people
<CitizenE> ;)
<djnitrous> u telling me, i can hardly remember ur name
<CitizenE> You can call me Don, most people do
<djnitrous> yes
<CitizenE> :D
<djnitrous> ok donald :P
<CitizenE> bleh
<CitizenE> Don
<CitizenE> or nothing :P
<djnitrous> ?
<djnitrous> ok " "

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<byte> anyways boys, nice chattin
<byte> woman is whinging IRC gets more attention
<CitizenE> :D
<CitizenE> Later byte
<byte> toodles~
<entity> well it's nice to be wanted ain't it?
<byte> -gone-
<byte> -back-
<byte> good point
<byte> -gone-

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* Atlas is now known as citizene
<citizene> woohoo
* Juan is now known as Aylas
* citizene is now known as CitizenE
<Aylas> fuck
<CitizenE> hahahahaahah
* CitizenE is now known as Atlas
<Atlas> OWNED!
* Aylas is now known as CitizenE
<CitizenE> -_-
<CitizenE> That was like being brought to climax, then punched in the face
<CitizenE> Goddamnit

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<Kevz0r> 137. What colour does a chameleon turn when its angry?
<Kevz0r> Answer: *****
<CitizenE> black
<rgvlee> green
<Kevz0r> Winner: CitizenE Answer: black Time: 2.047 Streak: 1 Points: 60 WPM: 14 Rank: 15th
<CitizenE> HAHAHAH
<CitizenE> racism scores points!
<[PB]BuNNy> rofl

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<CitizenE> thats not how you spell sandwhich

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<[PB]BuNNy> yes i lurveee being stalked
<CitizenE> who doesnt?
<Dozza> so why u complaining then
<lizardqueen> you are THE chick to stalk right now
<Maarken> work is a bad word dont use it ....
<CitizenE> Sometime Maarken sleeps in your backyard
<lizardqueen> so hot right now
<CitizenE> and you know the 'glue' on your envelopes?
* CitizenE shakes head

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<Kevz0r> YOURE the one that rides without coolant, not me :)
<ChOOkiE> your bike is leaking coolant
<ChOOkiE> like dripping worse than your momma when I called her sexy

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<d1rx7> _________
<d1rx7> commodore burnout
<byte> ===== rx7 burnout
<byte> gear changes haah
<d1rx7> hahahaa yeah
<d1rx7> makes it into 5th
<d1rx7> siccunt