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<metalifan> meh, soft ball spreads out the pain
<metalifan> so in total it = more
<metalifan> 5" bruise hurts more than 2"
<spinifex> thats like comparing getting hit with a blowup hammer and a real hammer
** Beelzebub throws a medicine ball at metalifan

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<onebyte> r1s in perth
<onebyte> ~2000 model
<onebyte> many in perth
<onebyte> and
<onebyte> private or shop?
<onebyte> Average Price+ $10,100 - $11,450
<onebyte> thats not an average
<onebyte> thats a range
<onebyte> unless they were trying to say the average price ranges from..
<onebyte> but even then, an average is not a variable, right
<onebyte> ?
<onebyte> meh
<rgvlee> wtf
<rgvlee> did you just have a conversation with yourself?
<entity> looks like it :)
<FenrisOlf> O_o
<onebyte> haha
<onebyte> quite fucken possibly.

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<Atrius> they made Ratzinger the new pope
<Atrius> that's like a KFC India dish :)
<Atrius> Try our new RatZingerâ„¢ :D

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<onebyte> one is peckish.
<ProFX> one what
<onebyte> One is peckish.
<ProFX> huh
<onebyte> I AM HUNGRY.
<onebyte> ProFX
<onebyte> you IRC whore
<onebyte> make me food.
<ProFX> eat a dick
<onebyte> cmon
<onebyte> cook it for me first.

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<bintang> audascious wats crackn
<bintang> how my glasse slooking
<byte> he got your glasses
<audacious-> they r lookin just like they were when u gave them to me
<audacious-> covered in wog grease
<audacious-> but otherwise fine

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* [PB]Workin scratches eyeball
<[PB]Workin> owch
<lizardqueen> that was cleva
<basiic> try using your tongue

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<basiic> I AM THE INT3RWEB
<byte> haha
<byte> nerd.
<byte> you are teh n3rd.
<Kevz0r> pfft basiic 3Y3 Y4M T3H M3G4W3B
<byte> BAHAHAH

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<Atlas> fatty!
<byte> im only fat cos your mum gives me a biscuit every time i fuck her

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<VeilsideSupra> http://clay.waix.net/A-Current-Affair-lebo-special.avi <- 29mb download pretty funny
<naro> 29 mb? ill see you next tuesday

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<rofo> ahhhh
<rofo> I fucking hate Microsoft Word!
<rofo> yes, I want you to insert a row of dots when I press tab
<rofo> that would make complete fucking sense
<rofo> died in hell you piece of shit
<rofo> Where's the `Turn off all the useless automatic shit that makes things ten times harder` button?
<rofo> All I want to do is do a table of contents, not get anally raped
<rofo> why oh why does it have to be so fucking insanely difficult
<rofo> Why when I paste something do you make the previous line all capitals?
<rofo> What the hell kind of fucking crazy shit is MS trying to pull?
<rofo> *sigh*
<rofo> I think it's about time I went to sleep