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<Timoo> i just wrote something after a tragic event that occured to me. i'd like to share it with everyone
<Timoo> ~~~
<Timoo> It's amazing. In the last moments, evrything goes so slowly.. Everything is almost frozen. You know you should do something to stop what was about to happen, but you just cant, you are frozen with fear, anger and sorrow.
<Timoo> You just want to cry, but you know that wont change the inevitable.
<Timoo> You watch on in horror... It is nearing its demise.
<Timoo> CRASH!!!
<Timoo> A noise that is probably louder to you than everyone else.. They could not know the pain you feel when it hits...
<Timoo> Things go back to normal speed afterwards, and you are just left watching, bewildered by what just happened...
<Timoo> My poor chocolate. It dropped on teh floor and smashed :(
<Timoo> ~~~

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* nitrane is now known as FUCK
* FUCK you!
* FUCK ing idiot!
<[2_FLY]> hahahaha
<[2_FLY]> nice nick shane
* FUCK in sick ay
<FUCK> im over it
* [2_FLY] is now known as ASS
* ASS bandit

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<Ben1> I Love SEx
<topsecret> pitty it hates you so much

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<byte> <robb> it's great to hear educated guesses from a bunch of guys not getting *hardly* enough
<byte> bahahaha
<byte> you think getting sex once in a while makes you somewhata sex god?
<rofo> sure, why not?
<byte> some people are so ignorant
<byte> you dont have half a clue
<byte> i bet its you who lacks getting some
<rofo> Man, I'm a virgin and I'm such a sex god I make you look like plankton.

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<DemonAce> check it out
<DemonAce> www.yoursexappeal.com/test.php?test=13884
<DemonAce> its gold
<[CRAZY]> demonace10@hotmail.com!
<DemonAce> muwahahahha
<[CRAZY]> omg
<[CRAZY]> lol u better not be reading my shit hahaha
<DemonAce> hahaha
<DemonAce> 9" of fury!
<DemonAce> go san
<_-Rhianne-_> roflmao
<_-Rhianne-_> doh
<_-Rhianne-_> :(
<[CRAZY]> lol dont read out other shit
<[CRAZY]> hahha
<[CRAZY]> that "age of youngest person youve fucked"
<[CRAZY]> it was all a lie
<[CRAZY]> i promise
<DemonAce> sure it was
<_-Rhianne-_> lol
<DemonAce> im reporting u
<DemonAce> C cup
<DemonAce> ur dreamin rhi
<_-Rhianne-_> i am
<_-Rhianne-_> :D
<DemonAce> ur like B
<DemonAce> max

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<palarius> tell me something good a wog has invented ?
<palarius> something good a wog has achieved ?
<palarius> i cant think of anything
<palarius> other than grease ?
<rofo> *shrugs* During the holocaust they had to keep throwing 1 Italian into the gas chambers for every 10,000 Jews for an oil change.

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* Now talking on #christian
lepper> who here has meet god?
eps> I love this question :)
* eps waits
skaet> i'm still waiting for him to call me back from our one-night stand
* eps happy with the response now waits for the ban
skaet> shush you eps
* ChanOP sets ban on *!*@*4005.iinet.net.au
eps> there we go :)

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* ChanOP sets mode: +o `LoStKid
* `LoStKid is now known as `OpKid
<`OpKid> da dan na naaaaarrr `OpKid
<`OpKid> to the rescue
<`OpKid> hahahhaa
<`OpKid> LOL
<Peaches^N^Cream> i didn't realise people had access to the net at graylands
<Bawitdaba> apparently so
<`OpKid> an who the fuk r u
<Peaches^N^Cream> hahah i was waiting for that
* `OpKid is now known as `LoStKid
<`LoStKid> i dont like his tone

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<`Bloodlust> single guy from qld. 23, overweight, cheetos dust caked on fingers, looking to 'hax0r' a girls 'b0xen'...

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<Dubs> fukk shit monkey vomit prick
<Dubs> umm sorry....morning everyone
<Dubs> damn banana hands.....
<rgvlee`> haha banana hands