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(12:09:00) James : how do you spell "Balay" as in dancing?
(12:09:28) dallas: bellydancing?
(12:09:54) James : no no. think pink frilly dresses and poofters in
tights prancing around to classical music
(12:10:02) dallas: ballet
(12:10:06) James : ta
(12:10:09) dallas: you're so uncultured :P
(12:10:20) James : lol

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<FunkNode> hey guys, what's the proper format for cookies with CURL?
<FunkNode> like, how do i format the values and stuff?
<FunkNode> shadda, care to take a crack at that one?
<Shadda> what? I don't know PHP...
<FunkNode> lol
<Shadda> it's my second day and it scares me...
<Shadda> and...and...the people here smell like old scary socks
<FunkNode> so, you've just been guessing (very well i might say) this entire time?
<njbair> heh
<Shadda> all three years, yup
<FunkNode> haha, yeah, i haven't changed my socks in a while... if i change my socks, could you help me?
<FunkNode> or anyone for that matter?

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<Shai-OSX> hence I lay here with iBook and pr0n
<MytE> sad existence
<Shai-OSX> oh, how do I get the cum stains off the sccreeen
<MytE> tongue
<noc`> ask Shadda
<Shadda> noc`: lick it o...
<Shadda> bastard
<noc`> :)
<Shai-OSX> ahh, shadda's tongue
<Shadda> vengeance is mine!

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<Band|t> how do I take the border off an iframe?
<ryan--> delete the iframe
<ryan--> problem solved
<Band|t> :/
<Band|t> I need it so my php runs without refreshing the whole page
<ryan--> lol
<ryan--> wtf
<Band|t> the page executes in the iframe when the iframe refreshes
<Band|t> rather than refreshing the page
<Band|t> obviously only the content in the iframe changes
<ryan--> wtf
<ryan--> `include
<RTFS> include: http://allmyfaqs.com/faq.pl?Include_one_file_in_another
<ryan--> go read that
<ryan--> :)
<Band|t> will do, but in the meantime, is it possible to lose the border of the iframe?
<ryan--> yes
<ryan--> as i said before, delete the iframe, learn how to code, use SSI, use CSS, dont use tables, wipe your arse 5 times and put the lid down.

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<EmilTamas> I have a problem with case sensitivity on a unix system
<EmilTamas> any idea how to fix ?
<Farrier> what's the problem?
<Farrier> "I have a problem with my leg, and a small dog - how do I fix?" Is the dog humping the leg, chewing on it, widdling on it? Or is it that the dog ISN'T doing these things, and you want it to?

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<Aday> hey this is going to sound like a weird question
<Aday> but
<Aday> Friend of mine locked him self out of his server, no ssh. etc.. but mysql is open, is there ANY mysql command we can run to execute commands on the system VIA mysql? i doubt this though.

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<+EyeCue> puffy, aday is a homo
<Puffy> ...but aday is level 12 elf....
<+EyeCue> puffy, aday is also a homo
<Puffy> okay, EyeCue.
<@Aday> Puffy: forget aday
<Puffy> Aday: I forgot aday
<+EyeCue> puffy, aday is also a homo
<Puffy> OK, EyeCue.
<@Aday> Puffy: ingore EyeCue
<Puffy> Aday: excuse me?
<+EyeCue> rofl
<+EyeCue> :)
<+EyeCue> aday?
<Puffy> aday is a homo
<@Aday> thats not very nice...
<@ProFX> no Puffy, aday is functioning within normal paramaters.
<Puffy> okay, ProFX.

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<Shadda> we had a learner bot at one point
<Shadda> we stuck it in #teens for about a week
<Shadda> then let it lose in #christian
<Shadda> we put it in #linux, too
<Shadda> after a week
<Shadda> it wouldn't shut the fuck up about compiling your kernel

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<m0sphere> $query = bool(false) Query was empty now
<m0sphere> anyone else got any ideas why my shit isnt working?
<Lukian> not enough fibre?
<_crayola> that would've been my answer.
<m0sphere> no :|

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* holybroth (~aiofhwoif@c207.134.119-220.clta.globetrotter.net) has joined #css
* Topic is 'do NOT go here: http://www.cssirc.com/ | Happy Birthday Square!'
<holybroth> him looking for a clan that wanna scrimme (french clan from canada)
<huphtur> fuk canada
<holybroth> hey calme down
<huphtur> no
<holybroth> is there a clan that wanna scrimme
<huphtur> you read the topic first
<huphtur> scrimme this
<huphtur> wtf is scrimme>
<huphtur> hahaha
* holybroth was kicked by Netcrawle (this is cascading stylesheets you twat)
<Lukian> since when is #css for Counter Strike Source?