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<bringmedeath> hey
<bringmedeath> got weed?
<|Darkness|> nope :(
<bringmedeath> :(
<|Darkness|> still nothin
<bringmedeath> im dryer than a nuns cunt
<|Darkness|> ha :(
<bringmedeath> OPMG
<bringmedeath> IGM
<bringmedeath> IOMG
<bringmedeath> IOMG
<bringmedeath> OMG
<bringmedeath> IM GETTING STONED
* bringmedeath is now known as ifoundweed
<|Darkness|> sweeeet
<ifoundweed> yes

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<rarrgh> anyone got Zoo Tycoon 2 ?
<Struzball> i want broadband infrastructure tycoon
<Struzball> you are the evil corporation and you have to defend others putting in their own equipment
<Struzball> but you can't break too many laws or the ACCC fine you
<Struzball> that game would be pretty fun
<Megasaxon> and if you type in your company name as Telstra, you effectively get god mode

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<hr4> heh. i love my children, cougar, jimbeam, jackdaniels and johnnie walker

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<MonkeyINAbaG> trying a new os is rather unpleasant
<Lukian> yeah
<Lukian> but so's windows at first, ain't it?
<MonkeyINAbaG> especially an obscure one
<MonkeyINAbaG> its sorta like fucking a beehive

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(@sax`) it must own looking at porn with broadband
(@drachs) you dont 'look' at porn on bb
(@drachs) you become at one with the porn

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<Popstick> if it gets hotter i'm gonna have to get naked
<ScarifieR32> do it!
* ScarifieR32 lix chops

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<mogenic> why cant opers get their own fucking porn themselves

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<the_single_guy> does anyone have much to say about PHP5>
<Lukian> it owns you.
<the_single_guy> huh?
<Lukian> php5 is your mum
<Lukian> you wouldn't exist without php
<Mang|lunch> php5 owns several things
<Mang|lunch> for a start, it owned all my curl scripts
<Mang|lunch> then it unleashed the hounds of preg_match hell
<Talon> hahahaha
<Mang|lunch> also, it threw up on the motherboard, fucked the dog, and stole half my shit
<Talon> rofl
<Mang|lunch> but i still love it
<Mang|lunch> and come back for more every day
<Talon> i believe it does break a few things

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<DARK_ANgel> gonna score a blue tongue
<nullvoid> lick a smurf ?

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<Hendirx> doh
<Hendirx> i went to hit alt-tab and instead i picked up my drink