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<RichardM> last pcb i cleaned up which was corroding (i had to resolder it too, it was a cpu socket on a laptop) i just used metho and let it dry. worked well
<Alex> so i should be able to dip this entire thing in metho
<RichardM> metho = non conductive and non corrosive
<RichardM> umm. i probably wouldn't dip it in metho, no
<Alex> its so small it could be in and out and nobody'd ever know :P
<RichardM> as much as it probably would be safe, immersing entire pcb's in questionable liquids probably isn't a good idea

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<Gwuffy> `ban cuntstain
<E-Pimp> oO
<RessurectoR> `ban skidmarks
<E-Pimp> `ban Gwuffy
<E-Pimp> `ban RessurectoR
<E-Pimp> :D
<RessurectoR> `ban you from ever sexing agian
<E-Pimp> `ban I never had it in the first place
<RessurectoR> well now you never will :)
<E-Pimp> exactly!
<E-Pimp> haha!
<E-Pimp> wait...
<E-Pimp> :'(
<E-Pimp> that isn't good
<RessurectoR> touche

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<E-Pimp> laz: wanna lend me $130
<E-Pimp> ?
<laz> k
* laz pulls out wad of cash
* Joins: Sphinx|sKc (~Sphinx_sK@dsl-220-235-81-186.vic.westnet.com.au)
* ChanServ sets mode: +v Sphinx|sKc
<E-Pimp> cool I can get HL2
<laz> wait
<laz> i think ill spend it on sphinx instead :P
<E-Pimp> :'(
* E-Pimp is hurt
<laz> lol
<laz> sphinx isnt cheap :P
* ChanServ sets mode: +l 18
<E-Pimp> so I'm just a cheap whore to you?
<E-Pimp> what about how you said you loved me!
<laz> that was only cause i was poor at the time :P

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<sperex> chock it up at current height
<sperex> use jack under struts
<sperex> i mean, c'mon
<sperex> it's a VL
<sperex> use a jackhammer if you have to
<Talon> its not rocket science
<Talon> ;)~
* Talon runs
<enfz> it is when ya dont know much bout cars :)
<sperex> go down to kmart
<sperex> buy one of those gregory's book things
<Talon> get ya mrs to stand beside it .. some horny guy will pull over and do it
<sperex> you mean
<sperex> do her
<enfz> lol
<enfz> Talon u horny bastard :p
<enfz> I have trouble using irc..

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<thewizard> but dont know if thats start of line
<thewizard> chr(2) will do start of text
<jimmedy> i watched the wizard last week
<jimmedy> the 1985 movie
<jimmedy> its so cool
<teq> thank you for sharing that
<jimmedy> his name reminded me :)

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<Stretch> anyone alive
<Mangusta> indeed
<Mangusta> only by the grace of air conditioning though

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* LNYMRKO slaps HMAS_33 around a bit with a large trout
<HMAS_33> put that back in the boat, its my trout
<LNYMRKO> haha
<LNYMRKO> hows your sister tristan
<LNYMRKO> i mean how are ya mate

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<erek> heh, actually, i don't like when girls proclaim the men they hang around to be big/huge or special in some way over people they haven't met
<D7> erek, because you already know you're better than them?
<erek> D7: exactly :)
<erek> there's a lot of girls i know that do though
<erek> starmy: they start talking about "their man"
<starmy> haha. jake can beat you up erek.
<erek> starmy: and how he's "football player" big, and how'd he'd stomp anyone
<erek> i hate girls like that, they're so full of shit
<erek> especially the 13y/os
<erek> major attitude problems
<D7> erek, you hang with 13 year olds?
<starmy> in actuality their boyfriends would talk with you about how they tapped that ass and busted on their faces

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* Quits: rofo (rofo@ (Exit: Southen on the topic of life: <Southen> good looking girls have diseases <Southen> and they run off with other people <Southen> and win32 is gay)

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<stompin__> my olds have a wide screan 10" screan in there car
<stompin__> and they dont even use it!
<stacky> 10 thats too big
<Kaelnorr> 10 good
<stacky> if i want that size i'll just mount the notebook
<stacky> id love to get lcd's in the hedreadsts
<stacky> so traffic behind me can zonk out to winamp vis
<Kaelnorr> LoL
<Kaelnorr> I think the latest topend holdens have lcd screen's in the headrests I think
<Proph> yeah; caprice do
<stacky> yeh they're on the adds; only statesmans afaik
<Proph> stacky: caprice = statesman + extras
<Proph> they're heavy statesmans
<stacky> its like can u not pack enuf shit into a statesman
<stacky> no we can add more; lol; hold on
<stacky> 2t +extras
<Proph> i'll open my glovebox
<Proph> would you like to sample my cure for cancer