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* Filthy`Myra is now known as Moist`Slut
<Moist`Slut> there
<Moist`Slut> now I am totally in character
<Chancellor> riiiight
<E-Pimp> oO
<Potatocake> lol
<Moist`Slut> oh play along Chancellor
<Potatocake> I can dig sluts
* E-Pimp finger's Moist`Slut's port

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DrEaM4D: welcome to the haxor meh computah show. today i'm gonna haxor my own pc. first click on IE and voila. u haxored your own pc!!

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<Raptor-DP> i don't know a single girl that likes beef jerky
<TiN_MaN> my ex did
<Raptor-DP> yea
<Raptor-DP> but your ex is a cunt
<Raptor-DP> so she doesn't count
<skaet`en> one of my ex's did too
<Raptor-DP> and either do butch lesbians
<TiN_MaN> true
<Raptor-DP> yea
<Raptor-DP> but was she a butch lesbian, or a cunt?
<TiN_MaN> a cunt
<TiN_MaN> :/
<Raptor-DP> i was talking to skaet`en
<TiN_MaN> :P
<Raptor-DP> i already knew your ex was a cunt
<TiN_MaN> haha

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<Konflict> a neeed for weed
<Konflict> ?
<Toke> where u at
<Konflict> any were
<Konflict> reallly
<Konflict> rofl
<Konflict> im in south atm driving over to duncraig ways this afternoon
<Toke> i dunno
<Toke> u smell like a pig
<Konflict> yer
<Konflict> i come on irc
<Konflict> busting people
<Konflict> for 25's and 50's
<Konflict> when its pefectly legal for them to have 30g's on them
<Konflict> and in the spare time
<Konflict> i go see tunafish
<Konflict> and raid his anal cavity
<Konflict> because i AM A COP
<Konflict> as u claim.
<Toke> u have to say if you are
<Konflict> rofl
<Konflict> yeh indeeed
<Konflict> but im not
<Toke> sarcasm is hard to judge on irc
<Konflict> so i wont
<Konflict> then it would be imeprsinating an officer
<Konflict> aswell as attempting to aquire a substance of dependence
<Konflict> and also conspiring to commit a crimminal act
<Konflict> if such a dog like overpaid cunt wanted to drill me hard
<Konflict> for a measly 50 bag of pot wich affectivly gets me a erbal caution and or CNN
<Konflict> bla!
<Toke> time for a bong
<Toke> u made me think cunt

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tron^ hey how do you cancel a ctcp queue
tron^ whats the command?
Aysar /quit
tron^ nuh got it
* tron^ has quit (Exit: )
eps ...
eps lol - and I thought Aysar was the newb

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Pasamio: what language is it made in
Zindark: English'
TenebraeUnus: ...

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<Lukian> where's koobs?
<godofwar> not sure
<godofwar> spoke to him saturday
<Lukian> i want his street address :)
<godofwar> y lol
<Lukian> personal/business references
<Pasamio> Lukian: what about mine biatch? :p
<Lukian> Pasamio: and i know you, how? :p
<Pasamio> i'm your god
<Pasamio> simple
<Pasamio> ne other questions minion?

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<sMoKeDoG> 21 male pimp from perth looking for prospective hoes n whores to work the streets for me if ur that potential whore bag msg me
<VTV6> lmso
<DemonAce> thats me for sure
<Token_Ride> my brothers mate is an escort in london atm
<Token_Ride> 280 pounds for a shag
<sMoKeDoG> thats one fat shag
<Token_Ride> a working holiday he calls it

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<Numloxx> heya all
<Numloxx> anyone here race radio controlled gas cars?
<Dark_Archon> i shoot people with gas powered rifles, does that count?

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[23:07] * Joins: DDW-Guest (ddw0@vw11205.optusnet.com.au)
[23:08] <DDW-Guest> hi everyone
[23:09] <DDW-Guest> hello?
[23:09] <DDW-Guest> i take it no one chats in here lol
[23:09] <Bismarck> No.
[23:11] * Quits: DDW-Guest (ddw0@vw11205.optusnet.com.au) (Exit: DDWireless JavaChat @ http://ddwireless.net/jchat/)
[23:13] <Bismarck> Ah, Bismarck, you dog you
[00:23] <LazyBeam> Only waited 4 minutes when the average answer period is over 2 hours? :)