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<Colonel[AFK]> i may aswell crap inside my PC and send a photo to maxtor
<Colonel[AFK]> "heres a picture of one of your drives at work for your main front page, please note the steam"

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<gav> i wanna hit someone over the head with a chair
<gav> tonight
<gav> again
<gav> haha
<upgarage> who did u hit over the head with a chair?
<upgarage> tell me the full sotry
* DSTURBED grabs some drinks and popcorn
<upgarage> gav?
<gav> some cunt at maccas
<gav> and punched some other cunt in the face
<gav> blood pissn out n shit
<[PIMPIN]> fighthing over the toy
<gav> nah
<gav> i was in line
<gav> ordering dinner
<gav> at 11
<gav> hadnt slept
<gav> for 36 hours
<gav> worked all day
<gav> bit of a bad mood
<gav> and these half pissed faggots
<gav> are havin a convo
<gav> to themselves
<DSTURBED> you in a bad mood..
<gav> bnut they were near on shoutin
<gav> i turn around
<gav> 'will ya fuckin stop yellin in my fucking ear'
<gav> he just goes quiet
<gav> i get my shit
<gav> i go sit down
<gav> then he starts pulln the piss outa me to his mates
<gav> it was on from then
<upgarage> who else was there
<upgarage> was it lenny
<gav> yeh
<upgarage> nice
<upgarage> what happened after that
<[D1_RX7]> gav layed wwf smackdown on his ass
<gav> hes like
<gav> ill smash u cunt
<gav> i stepped up
<gav> then
<gav> his mate goes
<gav> 'you touch him i kill you'
<gav> so i just went to him
<gav> grabbed him
<gav> asked if he wanted to go thru the glass window
<gav> pushed him back
<gav> then
<gav> he lurched forward at me
<gav> took a swing at him he ducked and i skimmed his neck
<gav> went again cracked im in the face
<gav> he backs up
<gav> then that sorta settled down
<gav> i go sit down
<gav> then they come up again
<gav> you make me bleed cunt ill flog you!
<gav> im like
<gav> 'orright ill take ya both now'
<gav> but only one came outside
<gav> grabbed him
<gav> thru him to the ground
<gav> start beltn fuk outa his head
<gav> then the other one trys to jump on me
<gav> but this other dude grabbed him
<DSTURBED> 3some
<gav> then they start to fuk off
<gav> then
<gav> i go back inside
<[Andrzej]> i always make popcorn when gav tells a story
<gav> he comes in
<gav> he comes in
<gav> throws a supresize coke at me which misses
* DSTURBED grabs some drinks and popcorn
<gav> so i grabbed a chair
<gav> belted the cunt in the back with it
<[Andrzej]> supresize coke i could have used with popcorn
<gav> then chased him with it
<gav> then cops came so we left
<gav> haha
<Parag0n`> gav that was quite an interesting dinner
<DSTURBED> and every one lived happily ever after
<gav> yeh well i didnt get hit once
<gav> haha
<gav> fucked up one guys back and another guys face
<gav> i was happy
<gav> but
<gav> my fuckn maccas went cold
<gav> bbs

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<kaneda> god bless america - no one else will

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<Reichan> anyone here using dodo adsl ?
<rofo> Based on the fact that we are actually connected to the internet, I'd say no.

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(typotrillian@S) I got a new mouse today. Just thought you should know that.
(Knowledgeum@S) male or female?
(typotrillian@S) Heh... female. (PS/2. :P)

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<ToiletDuck> Leaving Montreal for Quebec, I decide to make a stop at one of those rest areas on the side of the road.
<ToiletDuck> As I go in the washroom the first stall is taken so I go in the second stall.
<ToiletDuck> As I sit down I hear a voice from the next stall...
<ToiletDuck> "Hi there, how is it going?"
<FTW> .....okay
<ROFLcopta> riiiiihgt
<ToiletDuck> I'm not the type to strike up conversations with strangers in washrooms on the side of the road. I didn't know what to do so finally I say: "Not bad..."
<ToiletDuck> The voice says: "So, what are you doing?"
<ToiletDuck> Talk about your dumb questions.
<ROFLcopta> ...
<ToiletDuck> I am starting to find this a bit weird, but I say: "Well, I'm just going to the bathroom, then I'm going back east..."
<ToiletDuck> Then I hear the person say all flustered:
<ToiletDuck> "Look I'll call you back, every time I ask you a question - this idiot in the next stall answers me..."

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* Quits: `17_f_cali (~JohnDoe64@ (Quit: )

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* Joins: IAmRyan (Ryan@vw28059.westnet.com.au)
<IAmRyan> how does the EOF character in FTP create problems?!
<GwaiLo> IAmRyan: now ask again, but try and be vague

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<milez> yo?
<SoLaRiS> ?oy
<tears`dx> yo?
<SoLaRiS> oy?
<E-Pimp> yo?
<chopper> o?y
<E-Pimp> y?o
<SoLaRiS> ?yo
<SoLaRiS> =)
<E-Pimp> chopper: you screwed it up before :P
<chopper> suck me
<SoLaRiS> beautiful
<E-Pimp> oO
<E-Pimp> :O
<SoLaRiS> wider..
<E-Pimp> :OO
<SoLaRiS> =()

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<|nb|-le4dfac> My milkshake brings all the nerds to the yard, and they're like "do you wanna trade cards?" Damn right lets trade some cards... ill trade you but not my charizard...