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* Quits: ChanOP (service@austnet.org) (services.hub.austnet.org services.austnet.org)
<Fall> fucking services
* Fall shoots them in the cunt

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<luke0r> the best thing about hookers ; they all want you. <--- and they dont have a problem telling you its only for your money'

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<[xgh]Jazza`hi`mum> <-- Sluttable
<E-Pimp> <-- E-Pimp
<[xgh]Jazza`hi`mum> =D
<E-Pimp> <-- going to slut you to guys who want you
<E-Pimp> <-- expects you to pay me money for helping you find work selling your body
<[xgh]Jazza`hi`mum> <--- will only give you 10%
<[xgh]Jazza`hi`mum> <--- will end up getting stabbed and getting robbed
<[xgh]Jazza`hi`mum> <-- maybe even possibly get addicted to crack and become a 'crackwhore'
<E-Pimp> <-- doesn't care and wants more than 10% otherwise I will beat you up, put you on crack and shove you back onto the street
* E-Pimp gives [xgh]Jazza`hi`mum a black eye
<E-Pimp> get back on the street and earn me some money

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* Joins: ITALY_Andy (ITALIAN_M@vw11379.cust-adsl.tiscali.it)
* ChanOP sets mode: +b *!*@*.it
* ITALY_Andy was kicked by ChanOP (fukn dirty wogs)

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<novak> I think GeneticFreak might be gay
<novak> no straight guy should spend over an hour on "bodycare"
<Arcturus> Yeah, going out on a date with a girl is so gay
<Arcturus> But wait... we don't know it's a girl :o
<novak> exactly

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<Phan_Tom> bah (tm)

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* Quits: HJSandman (slayer@vw3868.westnet.com.au) (Exit: cunt n. 1: a woman who is thoroughly disliked; 2: obscene terms for female genitals [syn: puss, pussy, slit, snatch, twat])

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* Joins: cyclonis (cyclonis@
<cyclonis> hello?
* Parts: cyclonis (cyclonis@
<doomarse> how can hello be a question?
<kaneda> maybe wondering whether someone is @ home
<nemo> maybe they don't understand what it means :>

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* Quits: lemonsuds (teriyakite@girlz0fdestruction.on.EnterTheGame.Com) (Quit: (@sWeeTfLoW) we were going up the stairs after the fire alarm thing went off and gitzZz went all the way to the 7th floor and i was like "wtf dude" and hes like "oh shit i dont know this map")

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<Bismarck> Ooh, Let's make a "RichardM is cool" club. PM me if you want to join!
* peanutbutter wonders about sending a pm
<Bismarck> ....still waiting.....
* eps pm's
<DiGiTaLeX> <DiGiTaLeX> me to join
<DiGiTaLeX> <Bismarck> You're a fuck
<DiGiTaLeX> <DiGiTaLeX> :o