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<chupa> shit i feel old now
<chupa> bands i like have younger band members then me

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<[Hobbes]> i DEMAND a new day
<[Hobbes]> this one sucked
<rompa[stompa]> [Hobbes]; didnt score?
<rompa[stompa]> damn.
<rompa[stompa]> ;)
<[Hobbes]> even worse!
<[Hobbes]> motorbike cop, parking fine, rain, 1st gear on the freeway, assholes on the freeway, 100.5c for fuel
<[Hobbes]> i demand a refund

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<BOYNXTDOOR> NO dont leave me
<BOYNXTDOOR> we didnt get a chance to chat
<BOYNXTDOOR> im the boy next door
<larry_> step on my doorstep and you wont be
<larry_> youll be the boy in hospital

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<themann> I'm starting to worry about my memory :-(
<themann> I was walking along, and it struck me that I had to go to the bathroom
<themann> So I went to the place, unzipped my pants, and then realized I was standing in front of the trashcan
<ShabOo> then you forgot n pissed yourself /
<themann> bbl
<ShabOo> hrrrm

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<SirK> 190kw ? needs a turbo. :D
<byte> i thought VZ range was getting a v6 turbo?
<byte> to match the xr6 turbo
<Matt> no
<byte> i think they should
<Matt> one day
* byte remembers the vl turbo
<ChosenOne> how could you forget them
<ChosenOne> they're fucking everywhere

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* Joins: NudeTeenFem (OMG@
<NudeTeenFem> hey, any kind peoples here who can invite me to use gmail??
<ChosenOne> umm
<ChosenOne> send me some pics of yaself first :P
* Parts: NudeTeenFem (OMG@
<semi> ohhh
<ChosenOne> damn :)

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<byte> mmm bubble wrap
<TrAv_GaWn> we got huge bundle of it at work
<TrAv_GaWn> me and brother spent like 25 minutes popping them all
<Morgs> I found this one doing a tour at the work factory
<Morgs> Its about 10 foot tall
<Morgs> Massive roll
<byte> haha
<Morgs> If I couldve fit it in my car I wouldve swiped it
<Morgs> And rolled myself up in it and jumped off a bridge
<Chaotic> we lay em down and drive over it at work
<TrAv_GaWn> me and brother were sayin we wante dto get heaps
<TrAv_GaWn> tape it all to ourselves
<TrAv_GaWn> then have fights
<TrAv_GaWn> but better!
<Chaotic> sumo bubble wrap suit
<Morgs> It'd be the best fun ever
<byte> fo sure
<TrAv_GaWn> fo shizzle
<TrAv_GaWn> is the correct terminology
<TrAv_GaWn> use it!
<TrAv_GaWn> but not too often
<gav> hrmm
<TrAv_GaWn> then it becomes lame..

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<bbacon> i passed out on saturday night infront of a heater woke up today and my brain was fried i cant remember anything anymore
<bbacon> msg me if u care

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<tunafishrock> youre
<tunafishrock> just
<tunafishrock> too
<tunafishrock> good
<tunafishrock> to be true
<tunafishrock> cannnnnnnnnnnnnt
<tunafishrock> take
<tunafishrock> my EYEEEEEEEEEEES
<tunafishrock> offffffff of you
<tunafishrock> irrressssssssssstible you
<tunafishrock> if u wanna get laid
<tunafishrock> seriously
<tunafishrock> learn the words to a song
<tunafishrock> no matter
<tunafishrock> how cheesy
<tunafishrock> and sing to a bitch
<byte> ahahah
<tunafishrock> even if u do it
<tunafishrock> but
<tunafishrock> once
<tunafishrock> in your life
<tunafishrock> IT WILL WORK

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<byte> ;)
<GTR-Skyline> byte me
<byte> you have no idea how often i hear that.