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<TrAvZoR> imagine how hard it'd be to steer and old heavy under braked barge around a tough track for 1000km
<NOK^> brocky could probably be a decent drifter
<NOK^> if he forgot how to corner

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<gank0-10> did MSN shut down on you today due to network upgrade ?
<thekeit> yeah
<gank0-10> it popped up a nice polite window 'we are fucking off for a while - sit tight'
<gank0-10> id thought id been hacked
<thekeit> lol

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<cda> ur red cordial?
<cda> yum :)
<E-Red_Cordial> i'm not red cordial.. i'm an E-Pimp... an E-Pimp isn't the same as a human
<cda> what is it?
<The_Muffin> E-Pimp is that because he pimps himself to chicks a world away... knowing in the smug fact that he knows they want him but cant get to him and therefore want him more... thus creating the wonder of life "E-Pimp"
<The_Muffin> he uses his webcam as a means to this end....
<The_Muffin> the saga of E-Pimp continues

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<ogre> its good resin
<ogre> it will get you high
<ogre> conditions apply

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<E-Pimp> CS... it'll kill anything.. including youfr future wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband, your unborn child, your inner child, your sense of enjoyment in this life.. and the worse of them all.. that little mint on your pillow that you love so very very much

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<Aegeri> Fucken hell
<Aegeri> I can't play my fucken Stained CD due to it's incredibly gay fucken copy protection.
<Aegeri> It's shit like this that makes me want to just pirate music instead of buying it
<Nuru|Bed> Use a CD player?
<Aegeri> Don't have one, I only have my computer

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<justin> drinking beer whilst eating jelly doesnt go to well :/
<DKAngel> rofl
<DKAngel> i guess it wouldnt
<justin> it seemed like a good idea 10 mins ago
<justin> except the bitterness doesnt go to well with the sweetness

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<phatcat> my friend had a retarded cat
<phatcat> it would sit and stare at walls
<phatcat> you would go to pet it
<phatcat> and it would just kinna fall over
<phatcat> and if you wheren't paying attention it would drool on your hand
<phatcat> it was gross
<phatcat> I was sleeping on my friends couch and it drooled on my feet

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<Popstick> Funtastico was on fire in subi last night i think
<Popstick> fucken hole street blocked off
<[GETFKD]> wtf
<[GETFKD]> funtastico burnt down?
<[GETFKD]> i love that restuarant aye
<Popstick> no i didnt say burnt down
<Popstick> this is how rumours start
<[GETFKD]> i just read wat i want to read haha
<[GETFKD]> omg ley you had how many cocks in ur ass?!

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* Quits: peter (peter@vw3905.mcinerney.id.au) (Exit: motivation.. hrmm i wonder if any of that can be sent my way..)