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<awox> That's super weird. Every time I do something there's a 'zt' sound coming from the mobo. :/
<awox> Something CPU intensive that is.
<sperex> i think it may dislike you
<awox> Shit, I can't even get a pile of metal, silicon, gold and plastic to like me. :(

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Lukian: yo
*** Auto-response from wiccan: Sorry, Lukian but im knocked out.

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<xuid> I asked the lady at the asian computer store if the blank cds she was about to sell me were reliable
<xuid> she replied "no no, recordable"

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<xuid> byte; do you own stfuplz or someshit
<byte> yeah
<byte> i own it
<byte> or some shit
<xuid> ok

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<Affirmative> i hate it when you accidentally flick your balls with your underwear elastic

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<ryan> man it freaked me out when it said "system failed due to overclocking"
<ryan> never thought a m/b could talk
<ryan> thought I was tripping out

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<DJ_Minor> does anyone know how to get fgets to read ever 3rd line of a file?
<Lukian> count? :P
<DJ_Minor> more specific
<+EyeCue> count + 3
<DJ_Minor> ok

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<TrafficCone> "Fatty-Boom-Batties"
<TrafficCone> recipe: Remove freshly-glazed & hot doughtnut from conveyor belt.
<TrafficCone> Let the doughnut pass under the glaze "waterfall" for a 2nd layer of glaze.
<TrafficCone> Dip in chocolate.
<TrafficCone> Roll in sprinkles.
<TrafficCone> Attempt to eat without barfing from sugar intake.

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<outlaw> binary is 1-9

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<@CG> i tell the ladies that i'm small, so when they see it they don't fall over laughing