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<BassMstr> Every chick should get an aussie kiss .... same as a french kiss but down under :D

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<Picco|0z> {[io_sreep]} Can you explain what RAID is to me?
<halcy0n> isn't it two harddrives where one holds all the 1's and the other holds all the 0's?

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<Trekkie> this ant has run around 15 times around the screen of my monitor
<IceBerg> kill it with ur mouse
<Trekkie> i tried clicking on him; he wont die
<IceBerg> no you nerd, smash it with your mouse

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<thepointer> hey guys
<thepointer> im back
<thepointer> err
<thepointer> faggots
<thepointer> you didnt welcome me
<thepointer> whats ur fkn error

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<whyte> yay for xxx-ness
<whyte> yay for bundy
<whyte> boo for geting out of bed
<whyte> boo for talking to my self like im crazy
<whyte> yay for me not caring
<rompa> But it comes with a choice of topping

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<bobbles> yeah but where the hell does my brain assosciate i/o errors with a chick shitting on a guy as hes analling her
<bobbles> i can see the meaning there

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* Now talking in #qld-pipe (on international talk like a pirate day)
<Iroquois> all hands on deck! RIAA boarding at port!
<The_Guy_Who> yyyaaarrrgg
<The_Guy_Who> battle stations
* griDbug slaps the crap outta the RIAA with a larger than ordinary, non-standard, frames compatible, Microsoft trout.
<griDbug> yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
<theoddbot> yaarrhh, that be not a fish
<theoddbot> THIS is a fish
* theoddbot slaps the riaa about with a rather large swordfish
* The_Guy_Who throws polly at the RIAA
<The_Guy_Who> get'm polly!!

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<emily> -pointer- yer im turning 17
<emily> see !
<pointer> emily
<emily> I hate liars.
<pointer> wtf
<emily> -pointer- :) sif believe for more than 1 second
<dawg> haha
<pointer> oi emily
<pointer> wtf
<pointer> i let you into the secret
<pointer> and you just told everyone
<emily> Your point?
<pointer> i hate trators
<emily> Are you going to go and cry now ?
<pointer> traitors
<dawg> no one believed you anyway :(
<pointer> fuck your a bitch
<dawg> you're
<emily> pointer: I think the word you are looking for is "whore".
<pointer> dawg shut your fucking mouth
<pointer> yeah emily you slutty ho
<dawg> but i'm typing
<dawg> not speaking
<emily> "whore" damnit.
<pointer> dawg FUCKUP
<Lukian> lmao :)
<pointer> WHORE
<pointer> WHATOEURVo
<dawg> so i don't see how that helps
<pointer> FUOCALKW
<pointer> *sigh*
<emily> Poor little boy :/
<pointer> err
<Lukian> give him a time out emily? :)
<pointer> shutup virgin
<sperex> hahahah
<pointer> haha fuck off lukian
<dawg> he's confusing irc with real life :'(
<emily> Hahahaha.
<pointer> blahahha
<emily> virgin.
<emily> That's cute.
<pointer> :)
<emily> Are you going to call me a stupidhead next too ?

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<SLY_SX> only 600rwhp
<SLY_SX> ha!
<SLY_SX> for kids
<SLY_SX> i got 1600
<dreads22> at the hub caps
<byte> at the pillow
<byte> cos he's dreaming

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<clutch_killer> need a tissue to dry ur tears?
<apathy`> | <--- see this?
<apathy`> | <--- see this?
<apathy`> they used to be joined
<apathy`> but they got cut
<apathy`> like me.