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* Quits: LNYMRKO-away (Exit: Never trust anything that bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die.)

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<byte> what about you ^kryStal^?
<^kryStal^> if i had a weiny id tell u
<^kryStal^> unfortunatly i dont have a weiny so i dont do it at all:P
<conf> you don't flick the clit?
<bluemeanie> fan the fur?
<^kryStal^> Whats the point in doing it for yourself...its no fun *shrugs*
<conf> you're not doing it right then
<conf> I can show you sometime.
<^kryStal^> um conf...ill pass
<^kryStal^> thanks neway:)
<conf> bah
<conf> only trying to help.
<|panther|> conf - its good to see you're a humanitarian
<conf> I live to give.

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<|panther|> i was on idle last nite
<|panther|> and at 3am
<|panther|> sum guy with a nickname of clitbuster msgd me
<|panther|> i mean come on

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* mazzanet is now known as telnet
* telnet trying
* telnet connected to localhost.
* telnet > Escape character is '^]'.
* telnet disconnected
* telnet is now known as mazzanet
<mazzanet> *cough*
<Southen> lol

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<damo2002> Yeah, okay.. All of you who are bagging Opeth suck/eat/slurp/chew/swallow/munch/mawl/ravash/lick/caress/nibble/felch/rub up against on/tickle/rub/stew/rape/polish/gargle/juggle/tug/teabag/bite/whatever dog balls
<dodgo> not just dogs balls tho
<dodgo> also
<dodgo> monkey
<dodgo> elephant
<dodgo> dolphin
<dodgo> rat
<dodgo> gorilla
<dodgo> cat
<dodgo> gerbil
<dodgo> emu
<dodgo> kangaroo
<dodgo> iguana
<dodgo> rooster
<Cat|iva> fondle
<Cat|iva> roosters have balls?
<dodgo> of course they do
<dodgo> theyre just hard to find
<Cat|iva> are they under the feathers or under the skin
<dodgo> both, just in front of the anus
<dodgo> they stick out a little when aroused
<dodgo> but never really dangle down like ours
<Cat|iva> how is it you know so much about roosters sexaul organs?
<dodgo> they still like it when you lick them tho
<dodgo> good guesser?

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<Luster> 4:18PM up 223 days, 5:09, 5 users, load averages: 0.00, 0.04, 0.05
<Luster> wee! production web server
* Luster stands proud
<JT> Luster: it's hardly anything to write home about
<Luster> depends where you live
<JT> why's that?
<Luster> no idea

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<Thoughtful> what fucking drugs are you and where can i buy some and how much are they and who are you and whats your name and starsign and umm.. BRB hanging out some washing

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<_8ight> i love football
<TU> i love penis...
<TU> er.
<TU> pussf
<TU> worng channel
<S|imey> ..

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<Stufa> mack :
<rofo> iframes.... positioned with tables... ?
<Stufa> rofo yeah why?
* rofo wanders off rambling about losing faith in humanity and all that

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* Joins: mrSaudiman (xcxcx@vw11299.iinet.net.au)
<mrSaudiman> FuCk U.S.A & Isrial
* mrSaudiman was kicked by RaZa (RaZa)
<Chronus[a]> g0t homo factor?
<Chronus[a]> (No offence intended to people of the Islamic faith lurking in here)