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<E-Pimp> you going downtown again tonight Bismarck?
<Bismarck> Yes.
<Bismarck> you?
<E-Pimp> come and pick me up?
<Bismarck> Sure
<Bismarck> Now, here's the deal: My parent/s think that we are 'purchasing a birthday present for a close friend/distant relative'. Do not say anything that leads to the fact that we are really mucking around on games.

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<`Justin> god that interior might have cost alot
<`Justin> but it looks shit
<`LoStkId> that interior if it is real which im guessin aint
<`LoStkId> would b worth well ova the 50k
<[2_FLY]> i`d give up one of my testicles for that car but
<`LoStkId> tru dat
<SLY_SX> no way near 50k tristan
<SLY_SX> vitton is expensive for the quality of the bag etc not just the material on it
<[2_FLY]> yeah
<[2_FLY]> material would be easy to source in singapore where it is made
<LaserTX3> get it from bali, lewis vittan
<`LoStkId> aahahaaa
<[2_FLY]> i used to have a pair of reeboks that had nike on the sole
<[2_FLY]> hahaha
<[2_FLY]> from bali
<LaserTX3> probly thought it was awesome in primary school
<LaserTX3> having 2 cool names on ya shoes

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* Joins: kreg (kreg@vw7317.iinet.net.au)
<[Hobbes]> ewww
<[Hobbes]> kreg has man juice on him!
* [Hobbes] hands kreg a towel
<kreg> :/
<kreg> its probably yours

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<ZeroGlass> has Play School finished?
<alch3my> nah
<alch3my> no 17yr olds on play school
<alch3my> ;p
<ZeroGlass> heheh
<ZeroGlass> im 18 officer i swear!! :P
<alch3my> ossifer i whatsent drunken

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<deegan[pub]> im going to the kardyyyy
<deegan[pub]> im having 2 drinkssss
<deegan[pub]> im gettin messsssyyyyy
<Creeping-Death> deegan[pub] nice to see you bringing your laptop to pubs these days.

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<^LiTtLe^StAr^> thank god for photos or i wouldnt even know i had a party

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<bree> anyone from lumen christi college here
<twitch`> if ur hot and fuk on first dates i am

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<byte> hahahahahahahaa
<byte> im watching german porn
<byte> its threesome with two females and a male
<byte> and the german guy is like
<byte> "Lik haar kont!"
<byte> take a guess what that means
<emily> rofl

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<A_PERFECT_URKEL> I just won $65 .... measly by most standards, but a small fortune by mine

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<Popstick> liana what kind of immobiliser is it ?
<liana-> i dont know :)
<Popstick> like magnetic ?
<Popstick> remote ?
<liana-> remote
<liana-> i press button
<liana-> it goes off
<liana-> but not atm :|
<DemonAce> ITS DEAD
<DemonAce> BURY IT
<liana-> :(