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<WIZTER> Php is not hard.
<WIZTER> Assembler is more abstract.

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<Mangusta> got any good quotes dan?
* Dirty_Sanchez is back from: Idle Gone: 56h 13m 22s
<Dirty_Sanchez> i never have any good quotes, im not on here enough to say something witty/funny

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[WIZTER]: are you the only female in #php? :)
[Cody]: im not female? :)

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<davey_boy> you know what's good about having sex with twenty-six year olds?
<davey_boy> there's 20 of 'em ;)

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* [Hobbes] sticks up his hand
* HeySka uses [Hobbes] hand as target practice

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<Wayno> hey PCME
<Wayno> if u where caught in a cage with a 20 pond gorrilla would u let it make love to u?
<PCME> how many kilo is 20 pound?
<Wayno> about 300
<PCME> nah, I could take him

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<Kurtis> any Perth guys willing to be sucked off and get paid $100 cash
<SevenDust> this a sex channel now?
<silentbob> Kurtis pay me 100 an ill get ya sum black woman to suck u off
<silentbob> i think ya mum will do it
<SevenDust> Kurtis: make it $1000
<SevenDust> haha
<beach_bandito> hey kurtis my dog said u can suck him off for 100 bucks if ya want him to wag his tail as well thats extra
<Mushrewm> he isnt in channel u dumbasses

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* Joins: Matt (matt@vw-6614.on.net)
<risesies> good EVENING Matt
<Matt> hello
<byte> wb Matt
<Matt> there is no need to capitalise
<Matt> thanks, byte
<smarm> why not capitalise on a good situation?
<Matt> which company did you steal that slogan from

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<GTPod> Fucking sister, bbl..
<GTPod> Er
<GTPod> That came out wrong

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<damian> [~B]: I shall return at a time later than now, please be patient and wait for me. (7hrs 53mins 50secs)
<mazzanet> ...
<Lukian> "Almost Back", it's the next generation of away scripts :-/